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Teresa Lynn,

Editorial Services
Do you have an idea for a story but not know how to develop it into a book?
Are you working on a manuscript but getting stuck in the middle?
Is your first draft written but in need of polishing?
Are you submitting your work but getting only rejections?
Do you want to self-publish but need help producing a professional product and navigating the world of publishing?
Do you have an idea but want someone else to ghostwrite it?
I can help with all these issues, and more.
Each writer is unique, with strengths and weaknesses and a personal voice. Every story is special, with its own set of complications as well as its own brilliance. As your editor, I’ll work closely with you to develop, strengthen, and refine your writing, without losing your voice and style.
From the first idea to a book in your hands—and on the bookstore shelf—no matter where you are on your writing journey, I can help you make your prose superb.

Email me or use the contact form to request more details. Member EFA.

​I can also help with formatting and cover design! Contact me for more information.

These are books I've authored or co-authored.
To see books published by my imprint Tranquility Press, go to
The author has done a masterful job tracing history and buttressing it with photos of people, places and things. Ed King
Front Cover Little Lodges (4).jpg
Thanksgiving Joy front cover.jpg
A treasure trove of a holiday book, beautifully varied with traditions and ways to celebrate.
—Mary Jo Doig
S front RGB.jpg

Gripping and heart-wrenching; 

historically important, with contemporary relevance. 

—Kirkus Reviews

. . .a valuable writer's resource. The text is clear, well-organized, and addresses issues authors will encounter whether writing fiction or non-fiction.
—Linda Farmer Harris
front cover jpg.jpg
I have work in these anthologies.
Writing Strong.jpg

The most significant moment was when I connected with my freelance editor, Teresa Lynn. (This was before I signed with a publisher.) I was nearly ready to give up trying to write Fortune’s Fall. I’d hit a dead end and couldn’t figure out which way to go with the story. I found Teresa via the ACFW, and she agreed to work with me. She was the perfect blend of encouragement and critique, and she illuminated the path forward like a God-given lighthouse. I honestly don’t know if I would’ve persevered without her."

–Katherine Barger, author of the award-winning Fortune's Fall, in an interview with Tara Ross for Fiction Finder (Nov. 30, 2020)

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